Friday, March 27, 2009


I was talking to my 6-yr-old the other day, telling him a story about lunch at work. I don't usually relate too many prison stories to the kids so I had to explain a bit more about where I work. He asked questions about prison. "Oh, so that's where they keep the bad people." Yeah, basically. Or the bad people who happen to get caught. Or those of us who do bad things and are labeled bad and/or get caught. But I digress here (I didn't with him).

And he asked me why? Why do you work there? I said it is because even people who do bad things, need people like me to help them feel better. And then he asked, "well, if they're bad, why do you want to help them feel better? Mean people are just mean."

I know, I know. If I hadn't already been questioning some aspects of my job, his questions wouldn't have meant anything to me then or now.

Do people who do bad things, have always done bad things, and will probably always do bad things, deserve to feel good about themselves?

And since the Axis II folks are quite likely to continue the same life despite any therapeutic confrontation, are we wasting our time?

These are questions I ask not because I am not liking my job or have any plans to change. Just things I think about and have to pass through. Sometimes, just to prove that I can.

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