Friday, March 11, 2011

New Job, Old Employer

Gosh, it's been a while since I've blogged. Been busy with work, raising my son and grandson, and just not very introspective lately, I guess.

I'm going back to work for an old employer soon. It's a new job title, new location, and definitely new salary. I worked for them right out of grad school and was willing to work for peanuts then. Thank goodness we both have higher standards now. I guess it helps that I'm now licensed. I'm eager to begin work and glad to finally be out of jails and prisons (working there, that is).

My son is 4-1/2 now and growing into this wonderful little boy. I realize how fortunate I am to know him and have him in my life. So many friends told me that I was too old and had too many problems to be adopting him way back when. Some also told me that he would have too many problems as a result of what he went through prenatally and that it was too much for a single woman to do alone. I'll admit that it has been a challenge raising him to date. But also an incredible joy and I wouldn't trade a minute of it. I think we're a blessing to one another.

Raising the grandson for the last few years while guiding my son through his early problems has also been quite a challenge. He lost his mother a few years ago and he's never been quite the same. (Of course, I lost her, too, my daughter, and I know my life will never be the same.) But he is also a remarkable boy and I have hopes that he, too, will overcome his early trauma to live a full happy life.

In the mix as well is my granddaughter who is 10 now. Hard to believe she will soon be a teenager. She's as bright as she is pretty and I see her growing into this lovely young lady.

I've been so busy with the children and work and doing all of this single-handedly that I've unfortunately lost touch with some of my old friends. I have to remember that not all friends are supposed to be life-long friends. But it is still sad. On the plus side, I have do have a few close friends who have stayed by me through thick and thin. They've understood when I haven't had time to hang out with them as much as I would have liked. They know the power of phone and email to maintain close friendships. Thank you God for them.

Here's to a new chapter in my life and blog.